Exciting Cooking Show

Fun to make & Fun to taste!
A variety of favorite cooking experiences by watching, touching and feeling in front of their eyes
Date and time : Oct. 26(Thur)~29(Sun) Standing
Place: Korean Traditional Culture Center
Pork Tteokba (Pork and rice cake) 3,000 won
Triangular Kimbap 2,000 won
Host : Jeonju Children's Cooking Institute -Cooking playground
Pounding with a rice-cake mallet and Injeolmi 3,000 won
Pounding with a rice-cake mallet and Glutinous rice cake 1,000 won
Sediment Flower and Rice-cake Cake
Ajungli Mom Community
Flour & noodle making experience 3,000 won
Host :Songchul old noodle