Bibim Legend

Bibim Legend
"Have you ever heard of the legend of bibimbap?"
"Bibimbap is a dish originated from mixing all the ingredients in the busy season!"
"No ~ Bibimbap is from eating together to easily provide nourishment during the war?!"
“What are you talking about? Bibimbap is a royal dish that collected precious food from all over the nation.
If you go directly into the three origins of bibimbap and taste the legendary bibimbap, you may find the answer.
Course 1 [Busy farming season theory]: An bean paste bibimbap with pansori from a lively farmer's wife
Course 2 [Donghak peasant theory]: Rich ball bibimbap, like the farmer army used when making a resolution with General Jeon Bong-jun
Course 3 [Palace food theory]- Taste Bibimsura for the king as a minister
Date: 10.9 (Wed) ~ 12 (Sat) 11:00~18:00 (Every hour) * 30 - first-come-first-served basis
Location: Jeonju Hyanggyo Cultural Center, Jeonju Wanpanbon Cultural Center
Experience fee: 5,000 won
※ Reservation inquiry: 063-231-8969
Director: Lee Do-hyun / Cast: Hang Yoo-kyung, Kim Bok-im, Ko Dong-woo, Kim Sa-rang, Cho Sung-yeon, Baek Ho-young, Ahn Hyun-soo / Makeup: Kang Ji-young