Find Bibimbap!

Find Bibimbap!
Bibimbap is not so easy to eat.
A game in which you must pass each mission to acquire one ingredient
Collect all the hidden ingredients and eat a delicious bowl of bibimbap!
Date: Oct. 9 (Wed) ~ 12 (Sat) 11:00~12:30 / 16:30~18:00
Location: Jeonjucheonseo-ro  pavilion (under Omok Bridge)
Experience fee: 2,000 won
※ Reservation inquiry: 063-231-8969
1. Throw rubber shoes! -Throw rubber shoes and put them in a bucket!
2. Play yut-Throw yut to get the ingredient!
3. Flip it upside down! -Flip the ddakji and get the written ingredient!
4. Stone game –Hit the stone with the ingredient drawn!
5. Throw the Tuho! -Throw a Tuho at a set distance to get it in!
6. Spin the wheel! -Hit Bibimi on the spinning board to get an ingredient!