Schedule Guide

2017 전주비빔밥축제 프로그램 일정표
Place Time Oct.26(Thur) Oct.27(Fri) Oct.28(Sat) Oct.29(Sun)
Plaza 11:00 ▪Huddle Bibimbab
(Bibimbap made by over 100 children's chefs)
▪Huddle Bibimbab
(Bibimbap made by over 100 children's chefs)
13:20 ▪Jeonju Vision University
Taekwondo demonstration performance
14:00 ▪ Come together Bibimbab
-United Bibimbab Performance-(Large bibimb)
▪Imagination Univ. in Jeonju Bibimbap Festival
15:00 ▪Come together Bibimbab
-My house style Bibimbap-
Stand·ing ▪Find Bibmbab! (Program to complete and eat Bibimbap by get its materials through game)
▪Delicious Garden (Sale of a variety of simple foods such as bread and cheese sticks made of Bibimbab)
▪Cooking concert of UNESCO food creatitve city
▪ Experience of Jeonju traditional food promotion ( Make and eat Pyebaek meal, Expriencing tradition alcohol )               
▪ Commemorative Goods Market (Sell Wooden accessories, napkin art, miniature, quilt accessories,natural shampoo, Jeonju Bibimbap soap,)
▪ Costume Play Photo Zone
Experience zone Stand·ing ▪ Bibim Legend (Program of learning about the origin of Bibimbap and experiencing the situation together)
▪ Exciting Cooking Show(Various cooking experience of Pounding with a rice-cake mall and Rice-cake Cake, ect.)
Performing Zone


▪Bibim’s Got Talent ▪Bibims Got Talent
variable ▪ Bibim culture performance (Busking performance to meet famous performers across the country)
Promotion Hall Stand·ing ▪ Jeonju Gourmet Tableware (Exhibition of Tablewares by various themes)
Food Zone 13:00
▪ National cooking contest[Live]
(Jeonju special products)
Stand·ing ▪ National cooking contest[Exhibition]Jeonju Special Products/Seasonal, Korean Food table setting (over 5 pieces)/Confectionery, Dessert/ Rice Cake, Korean traditional sweets and cookies, Pyebaek food/Sculpture (Carving) Food photo contest(Food Styling))
▪ World Street Food Zone (Germany, Russia, Belgie, Turkey, Vietnam, China, Thailand, Japan, Uzbekistan, Mongol, Philippine)
hung-gyeonglo(Streets where there is no traffic) 14:30~ ▪ Come together Bibimbab
33Dongs Our Neighborhood Bibimbap-(large Bibimb)